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Connor Fitzgerald Books Are Awesome Don't know if you have yet had the chance to read one of the books in the B-Squad series by Connor Fitzgerald but if you haven't yet sampled this hot new author you need to check him out ASAP. I've... [more]
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    E L James Or Nicci Greene? Everyone is talking about these two exciting new erotic authors. E L James' book entitled, 'F… [more]
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    Nicci Greene Reviewed By Hotreads Review of My Story confessions of a swinger. Nicci Greene is able to take her experiences as a swinger and spin an erotic tale that keeps readers enthralled. Drawn on real life experiences, Mrs Greene… [more]
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    An Interview With The Author Connor Fitzgerald An interview with Connor Fitzgerald; author of A Brave New Squad, In Each Other We Trust, The Enemy Within and The B-Squad. 1. What are your books about? The B-Squad books are about… [more]
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    Best Action Authors The following is a list of exciting authors who write in the action-thriller genre; Jack Silkstone Chris Ryan Connor Fitzgerald Stephen Konkoly If you haven… [more]