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I've been seeing a man fir almost a year, and I swear a marriage is on the horizon!! He's sexy and masculine and makes me Hot like no other. Truly, I shouldn't be called hott-and-alone anymore... rather Hott-and-fucked... but always wanting more. ;) At this point, more means more mouths, asses, and pussy for my man's dick and more cocks for my still-tight pussy... If only I could find a real live lady to fill my fantasy... where is she??

I'm a fairly reserved person at first, but very outgoing once the conversation is started. And in social situations, I'm a huge flirt! I'm very candid and honest with people because lack of communication causes more drama than anything. And I'm realizing that no matter who I am, there will always be people who like me just the way I am - I don't need to pretend to be who I think I should be.
I'm fun, smart, witty, conservative, adventurous with little persuasion, anxious to try new things as long as there's someone there with me, honest, loyal, and so much more.

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