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one more month to go me and the band are off for a month long european tour

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I Think Love Always Has A Sceret

Come children sit down and let Uncle Hughgo tell you a bed time story. There once was a person named Once Upon A Jade aka. googledbadonkadonknotevenmad . One day the boy and that girl met here and... [more]
  • I Metal Mayhem

    Support Your Rock/Metal Music It's a shame how the record industry can take bands that have what it takes and just use the hell out them and then when done throw them under the bus. If you want… [more]
  • I Like a Good Joke

    Lassie says to Paddy... Lassi says "Paddy we've been married a long time. You're good lookin and I think you've slept with a lotta women. I won't be mad but I would like to know how many if any.… [more]
  • I Don't Believe In A World Without Music

    Music feeds the soul enriches the brain .Rock and early metal is my choice of music and fuels my fire. This type of music i grew up on and to me came out with a lot of Multi Talented musicians … [more]
  • I Love This Song

    This song titled "You Fool No One by Deep Purple"- best describes a man thinking about a woman messing around. Read and think about these lyrics. Thanks and allways- Rock On! You … [more]