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I take pride in my work, i hate plagiarizers & credit takers, I love my works

i love oldies music, i\'m creative in both directing movies and brainstorming and i\'m also a creative gamer

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I Love Disco

Ce-le-brating Times Cmon! It's For Celebration.... i had this amazing dream!!! I dreamt the most awesome dream of my life, first i was in my room, only to discover a time machine that sent myself back to the 70s when i disco all night... [more]
  • I Sometime Think I Was Born In the Wrong Era

    I Prefer Oldies Better Than Mainstream if i'm gonna speak of old music first of all you people must know my age, i'm a 16 year old dude, who loves music of the 60s, 70s, and especially the 80s. why 60s because most of the relaxing songs ar… [more]
  • I Have a Crush On a Videogame Character

    Childhood Crush, Coco Bandicoot - Present Fictional Girlfriend, Quinn Young Girl well, i'm an 18 year old dude now, but i can never forget about having childhood crushes, i was still 15, when i "liked" Coco Bandicoot, and that was the Crash Of The Titans, model of her, she looked … [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    Nabagong Pilipinas Ng 1983 (Altered Philippines Of 1983) Sometimes a man’s life is saved by unexpected events of history, sometimes it’s not his destiny to be in this world any more, but something happened that made a major impact in one country, and th… [more]
  • I Don't Like Mainstream Music

    Born To Love 70s Disco so i'm a guy born in 1995, but i don't like crappy mainstream music of today, especially mainstream music trending now a days, and i never buy a single album of music today, i have plenty… [more]