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I will delete this account.. My adultism isn't working..

By adding me, you agree to be a possible victim of my emotional explotions, if this is NOT okay for you, DO NOT ADD.

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I 'm Sorry

Im Sorry... Everyone.. Im sorry for being who i am, im sorry for everything i was, am and will be.. im sorry for what i did, and what i will do,im sorry for everything i might have caused.. im sorry for hurting... [more]
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    Yes.. I really do.. I feel empty, and my head is filled with hate.… [more]
  • I Am Shy

    Shy I don't make new friends, they make me their friend if they want too. But i'm never the one who talks first. I don't go out a lot around people because im scared. I don't know why i'm scared but i am.… [more]