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I Feel Alone

Funny Thing Is... I  allways feel alone. who don't? but the fuunt thing is i feel more alone when i have people around me. none of my family or friends underdstand me and don' t really even try to understand me so... [more]
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  • ?

    Posted on: November 15th, 2011 at 8:02PM

    I may start blogging again, but will anyone actually read it?… [more]


  • Satrday 18th June

    Posted on: June 18th, 2011 at 6:00PM

    well, the last few days for me have been really horrible. just been in one off them moods where i just want to sit around and cry. all Ive done the last few days it sit at home in my PJ's watching box sets of old TV programs and watching old films wanting to cry. Ive not been well for a few weeks now which is starting to worry me, I'm often ill but this just cant be right. just feeling sick 24/7 is not the most pleasant of ways i would like to spend my days. I all so keep having very odd dreams where i am working in a supermarket stacking up shelves but they just never get full. yesterday i went to visit my parents which i don't really do any more because they all ways seem to put me down … [more]


  • Manic Monday

    Posted on: June 13th, 2011 at 6:07PM

    Well in the end i decided to get some rabbits ive found a girl who was giving some away. She has loads. She has the colors that i really wanted a pure black one and a pure white one. They are so cute, they are 8 weeks old and tiny Ive decided I'm going to call them ying and yang because off the colors. Ive got a massive hutch so tomorrow I'm going to spend the day cleaning out my garden shed and getting the hutch all ready. And they are getting delivered to me on Wednesday morning. the woman who wanted to exchange houses with me still hasn't rung me so I'm kinda guessing that she isn't interested which is a bummer, but o well. In 12 days I'm off on holiday to turkey for two weeks, but I'm … [more]


  • Turkish Adventure

    Posted on: July 25th, 2011 at 8:33AM

    Sunday 26Th June well right now I'm sitting my my hotel room, in turkey about to get some sleep.  Its day two of the holiday and everyone is stressed all ready.  My son was grate on the flight, a angel in fact and that's the main thing i was worried about.  well the hotel we are staying at is very nice buts its defiantly not a five star witch is what we pain for. we have a meeting tomorrow with our rep and the hotel management to see if we can maybe get a better room because this one is not very good for the kids because it dose not have a bath, only a shower.  and you can't really give a nine month old a shower can you?we spent the day in the hotels built in aqua park which is good because … [more]