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I'm just a shy little fem boi. I'm anatomically a boy, but I'm very girly and always in diapers and baby clothes. I ADORE pink ruffled plastic panties.

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Vices Crossdressing, diapers, frilly dresses
Politics Very Liberal
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Books o_O I have a lot of those.
Music Japanese metal/pop
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I Ab Dl Stories

My Regression - Chapter 1 I will not tell you if this story is a work of imagination and fantasy, or if it actually happened. Evidently, I'm not a tiger/leopard hybrid in real life, but the story's words are up for you... [more]
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    My Regression - Chapter 3 Once again, this story is completely up to you to decide if it actually happened or not. Obviously, I am not an anthropomorphic tiger.      I was staring blankly a… [more]
  • I Ab Dl Stories

    My Regression - Chapter 4 Yes, two chapters in one day! o.o    Samantha woke up at 8 am. I was still quietly sleeping in my crib. Sam quietly walked into the nursery, calicoes are very quiet, and loo… [more]
  • I Like Wearing Diapers

    All Soft And Thick! I love wearing diapers 24/7! They're all soft and thick and bulky and feel so nice. Especially when wetting them and wearing them under a onesie or sleeper. I love being a diaper wearing baby!… [more]
  • I Need Diapers

    Started With Bed Wetting Now I need them 24/7! I'm a 16 year old TB/DL and I love wearing diapers and living the lifestyle of a baby. … [more]