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I Am Engaged to be Married

~X~ Long Distance, Yound And Engaged! ~X~ My fiancé and I met on the internet when I was 14... He was only 13 at the time. We spoke a few times a week online for a while until 2011 when I was 15 and he asked me out... [more]
  • I Lost Someone To Suicide

    Only 16... 21 January 2011 I lost my best friend to suicide. He was only 16. Just turned 16 actually. He was so young... I don't know what pushed him over the edge. Maybe it was me? … [more]
  • I Have a Very Sucessful Long Distance Relationship

    Over 8000 Miles! Success!!! :) I just thought I'd share the video of our story :) So feel free to watch it! I met the most amazing guy on th… [more]
  • I Self Harm

    Scars... I wish I could go out wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt... I hate going out and having people give me weird looks. Even at the supermarket kids would look at me, turn back to their parents and … [more]
  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    8011 Miles! ≪3 I'm sorry if this is long but I need to tell my story. I know I am still young and so is my partner but I do not care what anyone thinks. We're happy and that's all that matters. I'm not … [more]