I'm not real. You're having a psychotic episode.

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I Am Starting To See The Light

Yes, it's happening to me. I'm starting to see MY OWN light, that is. The difference between my light and most people's concept of light is that mine would be considered darkness by them. I'm... [more]
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  • I Miss Whatmakesyouthinkimnot

    I Miss Someone I Don't Know I've read a few of his stories and comments, and took the liberty to steal a sizeable chunk of EP experiences from him. I love how his humor is reflected on his group-experiences (as they don't make a… [more]
  • I Am Starting To See The Light

    I Finally See The Light, After All These Years I've always been an underachiever, and that was partially the cause of my depression in my mid and late teens. The other reason was my desperate need for love. Depression was too strong and exhausting… [more]
  • I Am Still Learning

    Oh Yeah I'm still a noob and very far from being a living encyclopedia. I'll eventually get there, though.… [more]
  • I Live In the Moment

    In The Zone I live in the moment. And many times at will, I can become so focused in the present that I get "in the zone," "flow," "hyper-focus," or whatever you call it. My performance peaks, and I am focused in… [more]