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I Need a Diet Buddy

So Who's With Me Here? I am sick and tired of being fat!  I've made up every excuse possible as to why I can't lose weight.  I want to be strong, sexy and healthy especially now that I'm in my 30's.  If you want to lose... [more]
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  • I Love Photography

    The Love Between A Father And Son This is one of my favorite photos ever taken.  … [more]
  • I Never Wear Shoes In the House

    Who Wants To Wear Shoes In The House? I am a sandal wearing girl outside but once I'm in the house my shoes are coming off.  I feel like my feet are trapped when I have to wear sneakers or heels.  In my home, I can be free to walk aroun… [more]
  • I Love Photography

    Yellow Iris … [more]
  • I Love Photography

    Handsome Samson My beautiful Samson.  He is always the protector.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    my dear miller
    You have taken up too much of my time and have given me nothing in return except pain and weight gain. i dont care if you're "LITE" and easy to drink. Im done with the way you control my life. i will be happy without you. good-bye… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    My Pilliful Mom
    Every now and then my mom will call. She lives in another state so she doesn't get to see us much. In the past couple of years she has gone from being a productive person to someone who never leaves her room. She complains about being in pain all over but the doctors can't find anything wrong with her most of the time. So they over medicated her and now she has become dependent on pills. Which means that when she calls, her conversations are very depressing and hard. I hate to admit this but I often avoid taking her calls. I can't help her over the phone and no one with her has been able to get her the help she needs because she refuses to get help. It's hard listening to your mom in this … [more]