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  • Venting Confessions

    I do not know why so many people from each generation has thought of themselves as the last generation.  I think this is very interesting.  People from the past have thought Jesus was coming in their lifetime, etc or stated that the world end is near.  I think it is so sad how easily people are deceived.  In truth, I think christianity is a cult and it is from my discovery due to personal experiences that christians are very hateful people.  They are extremely vindictive, judgemental and hypricritical.  They contradict themselves on all levels.  Besides, religion (especially christianity) promotes ignorance.  We live in a very religious society and the evidence of that is the fact that we ha… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I dont care for fancy names.  That is why I enjoy experience project.  It gives me something to do while I am doing something else.  Wheather downloading music or uploading a video or whatever.  It definitely helps pass the time.  Also, it is an online journal.  It helps me get things off my mind onto this screen.  For whatever reason, talking about something or thinking things through in a private moment or even just typing on an online journal really helps.  I do believe in journals.  I sometimes wonder if everyone should keep some type of journal.  It is real therapy.  It makes a difference.  I at first was setting a goal to see just how many post I could make before I transfered.  I want… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am going to stop being hard on myself and just accept things. I know that I have been having much trouble in life over certain areas. In truth, I am new at the game. I do believe that we eventually change and that is why we should not quit. The only sure way to lose is to quit. Each of us has our mountains and valleys in life. They come to us all. We have seasons in our lives. There is always something to learn and there is something to be gained in everything. If you wish to be wise and knowledgeable in life, you are required to go through much. You know everything from experience. This comes from direct experience or indirect experience. The things we learn for ourselves and … [more]
  • Work Confessions

    This will be my final post in at least a while.  My third one today.  You know, I sometimes find myself missing the memories when I was in the navy.  I even remember those days while in DEP.  Delayed Entry Program.  Back then it was just a year, not I hear it is a year and six months.  That is a long wait time.  Yikes.  In truth, I am pleased to be out.  I know that if I were still in then I would be on a ship.  Since this is may, I would have done another PRT already.  Others call it PFA.  PRT is physcially readiness assesment and PFA is physical fitness assessment.  In truth, there were some things I liked about the navy, other things I did not.  To keep it simple.  I had so many memories … [more]