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sometimes you need to be alone so you cant get hurt

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I Am In The Wrong Place

Was I Born A Leader Or A Follower Or None? my cousin says that i look at the world with different perspective,she says that this is the way of leaders but i dunno i feel that i dont like being a leader maybe sometimes i enjoy it even if i fail... [more]
  • I Am Muslim (sunni)

    Who Is Going To Haij? im just ceruoise about who is going.i never went to haij,but ive done an Omr'aa my mother says that maybe next year we will go so the ¬†Haram expanding is done,cuz we live in KSA witch is the sa… [more]
  • I Talk When I Sleep

    I Talk When I Sleep i talk when i sleep since i was moths old and i also say my secrets more than once when im sleeping whit my cousins they find out eevery single this i did like once on my sister's wedding i fought wit… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    I Need.. i dont just need someone to talk to,i need someone who well hold me in their arms wiping away my tears who well calm me down who well make me feel better someone well tell me its all just a dream and … [more]
  • I Am Worried About My Brother

    Are They Okay? i have two brothers,one is 32 and the other is 28. and they CONSTANTLY fight,i wish they were normal fight,there fights¬†evolved GUNSthey fight just because of their wifes. i remember once when … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i need to come clean
    this happened in summer and i cant keep it to myself anymore i was sleeping at my aunt's with another cousin too it was fun,and downstairs were my guy cousins and with them the guy i like,since his family is so close to mine this is usual for him to sleep over at my aunt's. then the girls voted for me to go downstairs and get some food,then when i got at the foot step of the kitchen i saw HIM my heart almost ran out of its place so i ran back to the stair,cuz its wrong for a grown boy and a girl to be in one room alone and i was wearing my bunny shorts. then i started walking up the stairs but i feel a gentle grip holding my hands and when i looked in the mirror infront of me i saw it was HI… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    i am tired
    why every time i argue with my BIG sister i have to be the one that apologizes and every one expects me to be the first one to apologize.she is f*****ng 17 for gods sake every time since i was 9 i apologized first and did the right thingits not just apologizing she thinks that being a big sister is all about getting born first,will no sweaty  its all about being like a friend and a mother for the younger ones its acting older and not expecting to be rewarded for that,i don't have a younger sister but i got the concept.i know she is just 17 but when is she going to act her age not her shoe size?when is she going to grow u? when she gets married and gets all drama queen like with me i dont thi… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    is my sister afraid of me?
    me and my sister were watching shutter island,then she said that she is scared of people who cut themselves and she  doesn't know i cut myself ..there was a tear in my eye and i almost said to her are you scared of meshe is so retarded,she wants to study psychology too?! … [more]