Female , 26-30

On a good day I'm dark and twisted, on a bad day I'm just dark.

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Favorite Quote Live and let live.
  • 100% West Indian
Vices Chocolate, Endorphins.
Politics Very Liberal
Horoscope Aries
Special day 4-14
Books Any and everything by Laurell K. Hamilton.
Music Rock groups like Nightwish, Evanesence, Flyleaf, Within Temptation, etc.
Movies Victor/Victoria.
Local Time July 8th, 2:03 AM

I Have a Confession

I just had a conversation with my ex. It’s not like I can avoid them, we have certain business issues that require us to communicate from time to time. But lately we can’t seem to have a... [more]
idrublood has shared 5 Mature Experiences
  • I Like Being Submissive

    I Enjoy Being A Sub I never thought I’d find pleasure in being told what to do but I’ve found myself truly enjoying being submissive. I’ve met a friend online, who is more Dominant than me and we often play as miss… [more]
  • I Cut Myself

    What Causes Me To Cut. All my life I have tried to be what was expected. But as I got older, I saw that I was different. After the pain of breaking up with my first male lover, I realized that I was bisexual or most likely … [more]
  • I Like To Write Erotic Fiction

    Just Me. Since I've started reading more and more, I came accross erotic stories that have good plots mixed in with the erotic parts. Since then I've becom inspired and have been writing non stop. I find a thr… [more]
  • I Had My Most Horrible Dream

    My Life's Greatest Fear Becomes Real In A Dream I had the worst nightmare last night. I dreamed that my aunt and cousin verbally backed me into a corner that caused me to out myself as a lesbian. That in turn caused me to be ostracized by my family… [more]