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I Believe People Come Into Your Life For a Reason

A person arrives always in your life with hazard. But this person can became your reason of your life. [more]
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  • I Adore Asians

    A Story Of Love. Since a girl (friend) presented me EP several months ago I have read with pleasure different stories of life about people in Europe, in North America and in the Easter countries… [more]
  • I Like Older Guys

    Just a question for you woman, girl, lady : What is the border ? At witch age a man is old ?… [more]
  • I Am Learning English

    I know EP since 1 year now.I chat on Internet since one year too.I made progress in English in writing & reading EP stories and in chatting with women in English.I could say th… [more]
  • I Love French Fries

    Few words to say I'm French. (nobodies perfect I know). For French the fries are not French but Belgian. I don't know why people from USA called this French fries. Like Mac Donald ex… [more]