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I Have Random Thoughts

I have this strange feeling that I am living a TV show, a bad one. The reason is it reminds of a show that was shown from the perspective of one guy, and we would just go along with what ever his... [more]
  • I Am Always Shocked When Someone Says They Find Me Attractive

    Growing up I was fat, and it's only been in the pest two years I began losing fat, and gaining muscle. When people say I'm attractive I don't believe them. I've always thought of myself as having a st… [more]
  • I Miss My Childhood Home

    My home back in Dominican Republic was made of concrete, looking back at my memories I thought it was white, it wasn't. It wasn't until the age of 3 or so that I realize there was a second story to th… [more]
  • I Love Street Art

    Remember The 5 Pointz This isn't much of a story, but more of a rant. Because of what happens to the 5 pointz, it was painted over night. This graffiti that had such beautiful art that had me go wtf when I heard, because … [more]
  • I Have a Story to Tell

    I originally wrote the story what I believe was one or two years ago, I actually don't remember writing it. I'm assuming it was near the winter. The Christmas murders, the happy murders… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    So far I have written full answer to questions, written several experiences, and written several responses that were proceded by me deleting everthing I wrote. This included requires some force to post, 3rd try rewrite and not delete. Enjoy.… [more]