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I Have a Confession

I always wanted to make out with a girlJust to see if I would like it.Always been a fantasy for me.I have girl friends who are Lesbian or bi.Although I have never tried it, but... [more]
  • I Want Your Man

    Well Not really I had an husband one time i got rid of him he was a cheater liar and dope head I also had a few boyfriends since then who were obsessive liars heavy dr… [more]
  • I Beleive In God

    Dead man's suitcase ( Story ) A man died...When he realized it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand. Dialog between God and Dead Man: God: Alright son, it’s tim… [more]
  • I Seen Him With Her

    Wow I was trying to avoid him as much as I could knowing he was in town And off course I had to run into him with his new girlfriend I mean I am happy for him just me an… [more]
  • I Was the Other Woman

    I remember when we first kissed In my porch a summers night You had to sneak into my house After midnight so no one would see you We didn't want your girlfriend to find out… [more]