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the snow blinds me but through it , it brings a feeling of fresh. Clean . New .

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I Am a Loner

Alone, But Not Lonely , Huge Difference! Huge!! I have pretty much marched to the beat of my own drum my ENTIRE LIFE! But yet also people love me, men flock to me, women look up to me as a person of wise words and gentle ways I am invited to... [more]
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  • I Dislike Egotistical People

    Thats Why I Hate Facebook Most everyone on there is so much screaming "ME ME ME ME ME!" If you think about it , its all about who can get the most people, dont matter what they say, or do or who they even are! Dont… [more]
  • I Know That It Isnt What You Gather , But What You Scatter

    Its Not What You Gather, Its What You Scatter That Counts In Life! I found your diary underneath the tree And started reading........ Sometimes you find interesting stories in other peoples lives when they share a cup of coffee or stroll in the park … [more]
  • I Like to Be Barefoot

    Now This Is Funny Because Im Known As The Barefoot Girl Even now the minute i walk inside from a place where shoes are a "MUST" they come off the minute my feet hit that floor. LOL Now my kids are exactley like me As a kid my mom had to scrub a… [more]
  • I Like Older Men

    Twice My Age.. after living with my daily abusive husband for 9 years and sharing two sweet little girls with him it was a reief to move in with an older gentlemen. This man made me his QUEEN. You would have t… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I witnessed a hit and run today.....
    and it think the driver might have been my Ex of many many years ago.... I am so not sure about this though But when I am sitting here thinking about it and they are showing the "hit and run vehicle on tv the more i look at it the more the shock is wearing off I am so glad that they did not do the actual interview with me...they showed me but they didnt actual interview me because ifit did turn out to be him..... Im not sure what to do Do i express my thots to the cops or leave it be? Because i could lead the right to him? i even know his ss #.... OR?? leave it be? what to do? What to do? The other witnesses said the license had the county he lived in, and a handicap sticker (which he… [more]