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I Wish I Could Control My Emotions

Bad At It I am not good at handling my emotions. The difficult part is that I am very sensitive and get hurt easily. I have learnt from experience that it is not wrong to be sensitive but it is wrong to show... [more]
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  • I Love My Husband But Hate His Mother

    She Is A Pain My husband is a very nice to me & we normally do not have any problems unless she comes into picture. I see her as a scheming & emotionally draining mischief maker. She is overly dependent on my… [more]
  • I Find It Difficult to Forget My Past and Move

    It Hurts I do not understand why I still struggle with my past. I realize I end up screwing my present over the hurtings of the past. I don't like carrying this burden in my heart which makes me break down onc… [more]
  • I Will Just Pretend to Hug You Till You Get Here

    Yeah... So I think about it often how it would be to hold you tight in my arms, feel your warmth...being lost in that moment for really really long. But you being so shy could not do it, but I did how little … [more]
  • I Think the Little Things Make Life Worthwhile

    Small Things I have learnt to appreciate smaller things in life. In life we get caught so much in the chaos,mayhem and the routinity that we often forget to slow down and enjoy the little things. The early morning… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Superficial Love?
    I wish I could open up completely to my fiance. I hold back myself from loving, trusting and beleiving him as much I should be doing because I do not want to hurt myself. I find myself dodging all his plans for the future since I am afraid that I would have hope on his words and then build my dreams only to have it crushed. I cannot express my emotions like he does and I guess I don't have so much towards him like he has towards me. I avoid him completely when he starts to get emotional.........I cannot do this for long. In the begenning I thought it was normal that I was holding back myself, since I was hurt several times and was hoping it would get ok with time, but it is not happenning. I… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I don't dare
    I don't dare to trust someone so muchI don't dare to love someone so muchI don't dare to have much faith in someone...since too much of these can cause tooo much pain!… [more]