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I Am a New Member At Experience Project

Logging onto your account to realise EP signed you into someone elses. Freakout for a moment in disbelief, click on the messages icon and see that you don't know those people and log out ASAP. O_O... [more]
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  • I Don't Say I Love You Unless I Mean It

    I'Ll Never Be The Same I'Ll Never Recover.... I Said I Love You And Truly Meant It Now I'm Scared Hanging On The Cliffs Of Love Cus I Knew If I Fell For You I Knew I'd Never Be The Same Cus You Could Take Me All The Way And Now I'm Alone And I Do… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Nice

    I Am Sorry I Am Sorry But I Will Start Blocking People If You Message Me Only When You Need Me And Ignore My Messages When I Message You Or Add Me And Don't Message Me I Am Sorry But I Will More Then Likely Be B… [more]
  • I Am Nice But Push My Buttons And I Will Bitchslap You Silly

    Ehh You Don't Scare Me... Got Some Court Papers Or Some Crap About Selective Services :p Telling Me If I Don't Sign Up Soon I'll Have To Pay A Huge *** Fine Or Go To Jail Since It's A Federal Crime If I Don't Sign Up Since I'm… [more]
  • I Am a New Member At Experience Project

    Zombie Apocalypse Best Weapon!!!!!!! What Is Your Favorite Weapon In A Zombie Apocalypse And Why Do You Think It's The Best!!!! :D List Details On Why It's The Best!!!!!! ALSO NO UNLIMITED AMMUNITION OR GAS OR UNBREAKABLE WEAPONS SUCH AS… [more]