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I Just Want to Scream

I Just Wanto Scream And Take It Out i just wanto scream out loud to the world that took my childhood, that took my favourite memories, that changed me and left me still fighting with the change. When you take in too much without a word... [more]
  • I Just Want to Talk to Someone

    Pretending To Be Strong Gets You Weak! Alot of us pretend that we are really strong and we convince others that no matter what i can face any damn thing because they have seen life on the other side. We tell ourselves so many times that we… [more]
  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    Is Long Distance Really Difficult? I met this guy during my best friends sisters marriage and he is her brother. He is older than me and is wise enough to understand life. We spent good time together but he isnt from the same country a… [more]
  • I Kept Alot Inside My Heart

    When You Keep To Much Inside Heart It Just Stirs You Up More And More I have always been a strong person to the outside world. No matter how wrong unfair life treated me i never wept before somebody.I cannot see people sympathising with me calling me poor little girl. I… [more]