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My Quotes 1.You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough 2. We all have that person in our life we can't live without 3. If you want to be trusted be... [more]
  • I Most Embarrassing Moments

    My Most Embarrassing Moments So here is my embarrassing moment If you have moments please tell 1. This isn't embarrassing just funny but when I was little I had a brats doll that you can style well I cut its h… [more]
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    My Dislikes + Likes Dislikes: Justin Beiber Spam Pathetic people Litter A + E The colour green School dinners Bio Pain Dirt When people ping me… [more]
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    My Personality I don't care what anybody thinks of me you can decide if you like me or not by reading this. I am honest I am Really Girly I Say What I Think I Dont Care What People T… [more]