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I consider myself a HAPPY PERSON; i like to laugh & have fun. My life would be so lonely without them: GOD, FAMILY, & FRIENDS. I am FRIENDLY (I guess). I am a very CURIOUS person, also an OBSERVANT one. I am OPEN-MINDED. I am a DREAMER. I want to experience living like a NOMAD, I want to circle the WORLD, meet & help people, share experiences. I love playing sports. I like watching movies and listening to music. I am talkative; I guess sleeping and being angry or disappointed are the only things that can make me go into the quiet mode. I am UNDERSTANDING. I have a well-stretched PATIENCE. I am OPTIMISTIC. I love and appreciate the beauty of MOTHER EARTH. I LOVE LIFE. I am an imperfect person, I get angry & lonely, I fail, I can be very lazy, I have problems, I get sick, I dont know everything, I have insecurities, I have fears, I make mistakes but I deal with my imperfection. I am the person who is eager to achieve my dreams, be successful, live a happy life, and someday look back on the good old days with bliss and contentment.

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Favorite Quote don't lose perspective of things and give up when the going gets tough :D
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I Love Coldplay

FIX YOU -I love everything about this song.. "Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you" <3 [more]
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