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What if I told u...I was a POLAR BEAR! Hmm? What would u say to that?! :-D lol

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I Have a Confession

I mean dy$lexia! Fcuk!  [more]
  • I Just Want a True Friend

    I Thought U Were....but I Guess Not :-( I trusted u and I thought u trusted me. We hung out together and u were my only friend at the time. We went through a couple of bad things but we go threw them. Then u started telling me bad rumours a… [more]
  • I Have Put My Hope In Gods Word

    Hope Will Always Be On Your Side When you're at your darkest moments, when you're all alone, when no one believes you, just remember, there's always HOPE! Hope keeps us going. Hope is what makes me wake up every morning and go… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Going Crazy I've been checking my emails every 10min. I even woke up every hr to check them. I guess I was just desperate to talk to someone...yeah, I think I might be going crazy.... At least I have my cat… [more]
  • I Am French-canadian

    Les Québécois I live in Quebec and I take a French class so I guess that's means I'm French-Canadian! But to tell u the truth...I hate Québécois! They just seem so arrogant and what's all this bout separating?! I… [more]