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How Is This Possible? How is it possible that you feel connected with somebody in a way that you can't even find a word to describe. Every time you look at hi photos or videos you feel like you wanna reach out to him badly... [more]
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  • I Love to Cuddle

    I Love The Feel Of A Warm Body I love the feel of a warm body beside me. I love the feel of somebody's arm around my neck, caressing the skin on my arm with the tip of his fingers and sometimes just the tip of his thumb, while my o… [more]
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    I am a cheater
    I have a boyfriend that is supposed to be my ex a long time ago but he just refuses to let me go. yet we both knew that our relationship won't work because of some external circumstances. so we just drag it on for months now with me constantly reminding him that he is supposed to be dating other girls. the trouble with me starts when i met this guy online. he wants to have a meet up but i am not sure if will do it with my boyfriend still thinking that we are still on. what am i supposed to do? meet up with this guy who i like but feel guilty or miss out on some wonderful opportunity just for the reason that i don't want to feel guilty? … [more]