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i am 13...... im a pretty cool person...i guess..i dont kno how other people see mehh but kinda geeky cuz i like 2 read and stuff...and i play piano....yea...pretty geeky huh? :]yea..i'm reeally in to The Arts. I love 2 draw and i wanna b a freelance photografer(i think i spelled dat wrong! my bad,:]) and writer,,,,,and maybe and yea
im currently in skool waiting 2 get out of here so i can see wat da world has 2 offer!:] maybe i'll b an exchange student! dat wud b cool....i dont really mind if u ask mehh random ASK!!!

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  • a little Mexican
  • and a little Filipino
  • and a little Spanish
Vices playing bejeweled...reading......the internet...reading.....eating chocolateXDD...idk.....
Horoscope Taurus
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Books Tuesdays with Morrie, Book Thief, Jacob have I loved, Go ask Alice, hush,hush, The outsiders, catcher in the rye...etc.....
Music ROCK(and some indie...dont b hatin peoplezXD)2 manygood bands 4 mehh 2 name them al but lemme try:paramore, youmeatsix, flyleaf, nirvana, nickelback, aerosmith, maroon 5, the fray, beasty boys, etc.
Movies Kick ass, titanic, idk....
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I Write Songs and Poetry

My Poem:) im tiredof pretendingeverything's alrighttired ofbig plastic smilesandstupid liesi wish i wasthisi wish i wasthati cant handle [more]
  • I Am Asian

    Half Asian Half Beanr yea...idk if filipinos count as asians but yea im half filipino half beanr so..yea^-^ im into all dat traditional mexican stuff like....u kno partying and watching novelas and shitXD lmfaoXD … [more]
  • I Am a Misanthrope

    Ehhhh kinda.....-ishXD not a massive one but kinda-ish....… [more]
  • I Read Books Too Fast

    I Read Way 2 Fast 4 My Age i can read books in like an hour and im 13..maybe i just feel smartr than kids my age because the kids at my skool r stupid....but i read Wuthering Heights in a day.....… [more]
  • I Am Outwardly Positive I Struggle With Saddness

    Can No One See My Sadness? its sad 2 think..evry1 who i have known dosnt really kno meh...they think im happy...but on the inside? im not....i only wish dat once....sum1 cud see past my mask and try 2 see meh...the real meh...i… [more]