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    I got pregnant at 14. My daughter is now two and I'm 17. Throughout my pregnancy the father denied that the baby was his. He had been the only guy I ever slept with. After the baby was born he came to the hospital just to try and get his rights of my daughter. I didn't put his name on the birth certificate because he had never been there before. He stopped talking to me for about 6 months and then he started testing me just to tell me I better take her to see him because he was uncomfortable in my house. Wtf! By that time my daughter was uncomfortablearound new people and liked being home. He has told me without him I wouldn't even have her, which is true, but he tries to guilt trip me into … [more]
  • School Confessions

    I am a single teen mom. i am 17 and my daughter is 2. Tomorrow is my first day of college and my daughters first day of day care. she has never been in a day care and we are really attached to each other. I am very nervous about tomorrow and honestly losing sleep over it. every kid goes through this and i know it will be good in the long run but I am feeling guilty for having to take her.... any advice to ease my nerves??… [more]
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    OBAMA :) Nuff said <3 <3<3 hehe… [more]
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    New mexico
    Where are you from???New Mexico and you?Ohhh I'm from the United statesYeah me tooNoo you just said you are from new mexicoYeah that is in the united states'no its not you should check a mapo.O Wtf if I live here shouldn't i know if its in the united states or not haha and its pretty sad that you didn't know it was a state! you check a damn map!!!!… [more]