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I Hate Myself

I hate how i look, how i speak, my personality. I hate that i've turned to cutting myself, purging, drugs, i just hate everything about me. I feel i'm a bad person. [more]
Imbroken21 has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Abused As a Child

    When i was 10, my parents were killed in a car crash. Then i got passed around lots of foster families, all of them but one were abusive. I don't want to go into detail, but they made me mental, suic… [more]
  • I Am Gay

    I am gay, but i feel like it's always been a mistake, like its wrong. Not when anyone else is obviously, i have nothing against anyone, i just got bullied for years because of it in school. No-one sho… [more]
  • I Love Sex

    I love the feeling, the pleasure, the feel of someone else's skin against mine, knowing that they are loving the feeling too. I think sex is important to a relationship, a marriage, and just important… [more]
  • I Am Suicidal

    I've always been suicidal, since i was 12, something always happens to make me worse. I suffer from mental disorders which ruin my life, i can never hold on to a relationship. I feel everybody hates m… [more]