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    I Hate Those Greens!
    I Hate it when my mom cooks Greens because she cooks them with a Hamhock or some kinda of pork. Pork flavored vegetables!? Don't Greens have their own taste!? I like them without Pork. And I Hate how they look when they are refrigerated(In a Pot) and all that fat gets thick and white. The Greens then have a Jello consistancy which is gross! Eww! The peice of pork(Still on Bone) and Greens look like a Fallen Tree in a Swamp! It's so Discusting! And isn't that just not very good for you? Eww! Why would you want to eat a meat flavored vegetable? So, I Don't Eat My Mother's Greens anymore. Or Anybody's Greens that are Cooked with Pork. I like vegetables that taste like vegetables. She once used … [more]