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I'm an 18 year old girl and i love hello kitty and also looking to cover my car with a lot of hello kitty's, even my party was hello kitty... Am i mad??? [more]
  • I Need a Hug

    Bad Day... When you have a really bad day, what can get worse, all goes wrong anyway!! Sometimes i wish i could just go stand on top of a mountain and scream at the top of my lunges... All bad things are happeni… [more]
  • I Need a Hug

    The Love Of My Life... Hmm the love of my life.. How to describe.. Although we not together anymore, she still means the world to me, she is still my world. We were together for quite … [more]
  • I Need a Hug

    Maybe Were Not Meant To Be Together... We continue to fight, you tell me i have an attitude when i'm totally calm, i tried to prove how much you mean to me and through that back into my face! I tried my best changing and being perfect for … [more]
  • I Need a Hug

    Fighting The Whole Time... Why do we keep on fighting, why does she say all i do is wrong, why can't she just see i love her and only her! It's not as if i'm screwing around or cheating on her, i mean i do everything for … [more]