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Sensitive to the core. Don't take much of anything seriously from people I don't know but take things too seriously from people I do know. Trying to change myself

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Favorite Quote sometimes you end up losing yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn't care about losing you
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I Feel Worthless

Love When you care about someone so much and they are willing to talk about the things that can hurt you in your face it makes it hard. I'm glad she is doing well and is happy but bringing up her bf like... [more]
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    I have none, I don't see what is going to change that will change my outlook, I don't know why but I have no enjoyment in what I do anymore, everything is a drag. I've lost interest in all of the things I enjoyed before. I have a lot of faults and I hate myself, like I really do, I wish I was someone totally different but for whatever reason I don't change. Suicide is on my mind often but there is something holding me back for why I would not do it, I don't want to fail and be messed up with seizures and stuff like that. I'm scared of heights a bit so jumping off a bridge would be really tough. IDK I feel like my life is pointless and just a lot of pain, I don't want to live anymore. ;/… [more]
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    It looks like a really good option right now, I have no one and never will, people don't seem to think I am worth caring for and just throw me away. I can't have who I want and never will, it's just time to end my life it is not one worth living.… [more]
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    Sick of living
       I'm tired of everything, tired of thinking of you, tired of remembering what I do know of you. Tired of getting up every day knowing it is going to be similar to last day. Tired of not knowing what I want with my life. Tired of getting lost in my depressing thoughts. Tired of letting my depression take over me. I'm just tired of life, I'm frustrated with it and just want it to end. I'm sick of all this ****, I'd rather feel nothing at all at this point. I'm sick of 1 little comment getting me down, I'm sick of feeling lonely. Everything I do seems pointless, I don't matter, I just need to end it and go away.… [more]
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    I want to die and stop feeling anything.… [more]