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i can be funny, tend to smile a lot, love to make people laugh and be silly most of the time although i have to be around people im comfortable with for my inner silly mode to come on :-) Love to chat, go cinemas and clubbing (every now and then) oh yeah i guess i am a nerd

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  • 100% Tanzanian
Horoscope Libra
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Books Tell Me Your Dreams by Sydney Sheldon, Forever by Judy Blume, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith
Music Hiphop, RnB, Dancehall & recently discovered Classical music (the best for revision)
Movies Shrek 1,2, Forever After, Grown Ups, Mega Mind, Coming To America, The Golden Child, Xmen Wolverine, Xmen First Class, How To Train Your Dragon, Rio, Men In Black III
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I Hate Fake People

Why Pretend? Just Be Yourself And Be Respected For Who You Are Do these people even have a little bit of a conscience? I wonder what actually goes through their minds when they are pretending to like you or pretend to be someone they are not, what is the... [more]
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  • I Hate When People Only Talk To Me When They Need Something

    Users Are Incredibly Nice OMG these people are absolutely amazing when they require something from you. They will drop in a few compliments to ease you up before they go for it. It is heartbreaking when you finally realise tha… [more]
  • I Am Bipolar

    Starting To Get Used To The Fact That I Am Bipolar. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2 months ago, i had what they call a manic phase where i thought i commited a crime and something/someone was coming to kill me. I have never met anyone who has it, … [more]
  • I Hide My Pain By Smiling

    I Just Don't Want Anyone To Worry About Me I never want to talk about my inner problems because i don't think i should burden anyone with them. So i just wear a smile everytime i see everyone to pretend like everything is fine. Talking about w… [more]
  • I Treat Others As I Would Like to Be Treated

    There's Simply No Other Way I just know everyone wants to be treated good, what i don't understand is when people mistreat others but expect people not to do it to them. I don't know who they think they are i.e i had a woman tha… [more]