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I Always For Your Type

Listening to Jamie Fox, and thinking that the song mirrors my existence. I always seem to fall for the same type that leads to the same end. [more]
  • I Live More When I Drink

    I Have No Filter I live more when I drink...... Most days, I'm a hermit that has very little concept of the world. Every venture into the outside world comes with a cost. I'd rather stay comfortable in my own skin … [more]
  • I Heard Your Voice And You Touched My Heart From A Distance

    I was simply sitting there, staring off into the distance, listening to the sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow wafting along the somber winds of a soul chilling breeze, when from my musings I wa… [more]
  • I Wish I Could Duplicate Myself And Give A Clone To Someone In

    I wish at times that I could duplicate myself and give to someone in need of a friend or someone special. Then again, I have a habit of being left and I don't do well with being alone so it could hav… [more]
  • I Am Here To Find A Distant Friend

    I live in self inflicted confinement, seclusion from all, save for a few hours each day. It would be extremely peaceful were my thoughts as distant as I keep the world, but my mind is always with me,… [more]