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I Have a Confession

when i think about my life i think about the people who influenced it the most my experances in life and the happy and sad memories and i always come to the same conclusion i hate it i hate my family... [more]
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  • I Am a Sexual Deviant

    I Am Just Diffrent i always think about rapeing women it always my fantasy when i see a attractive female i think about how i would rape her and get away with it but i would only do it to a consenting person and i dont … [more]
  • I Love Rammstein

    Just A Another Fan I just bought tickets to their concert in april i am ******* excited they are my favourite band i cant explain it but rammstein inspires such emotion and feeling in me but the down fall is that i dont… [more]
  • I Hate Winter So Much

    Hell Aint Hot Its Cold I absoulty hate the cold and the winter its death in phyical form the sky is always grey my fingers freeze and the snow is white misery that melts and infects you i cant stand it.... It messes with my… [more]
  • I Do Not Like to Be Touched

    Keep Your Distance I hate to be touched under any circumstance i dont even like people standing or sitting to close to me and people dont understand that every day girls try to hug me and i always tell them i dont like … [more]