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I'm depressed and want to share my stories.... thats kinda it

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I Wrote a Poem

It's Going To Happen.. I am empty, not even sure of my own existence. The teachers glide past me and my raised hand. So many questions inside my mind. Bouncing and laughing. Taunting me with their... [more]
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  • I Think About Fathers and Daughters

    I Want A Dad I'm 13 and i want a dad. Yes, technically i have one but not what a dad should be. My dad isn't proud of me, no matter how many A*'s i achieve or awards i work so damn hard to get. In his eyes i am Ug… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    I Need To Talk <3 If you can relate to any of my problems please add me just so that i have someone.. anyone to talk to <3I cut myselfMy boyfriend can be such a prickI'm bulliedI'm so d… [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    Why. My body.My personalityMy looksMy attitudeMy weightMy heightMy scarsMy hair colourMy inabilty to fit inMyselfI hate me.Thats why … [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    The One That Counted I've been kissed before.James. Year 1. Age 5. A kiss on the cheek followed by a waterfall of giggles.Niall. Year 7. Age 12. An unwanted kiss that landed half on my mouth and half off, foll… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I miss you
    Where have you gone? The person i love; The person who can make me smile with a yawn; The person who, through it all, stuck by me and made me feel amazing I know you're still there, And you claim to be you, But you're no longer Him, Even though i know He's inside you. I don't want to leave, But i think it'd be best. We both could be happy... eventually. Oh god, how i'd miss you. And i wouldn't be abe to breathe. But maybe, eventually, the pain would ease. I'd get used to ignoring your texts. I would no longer need your voice to live. We wouldn't see each other. Or talk. And i might be dead inside. And i would be crushed. But if through it all you finally smile, then it would be worth … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Don't read this
    I told you not to read. This isn't exciting or worth reading. You don't know me or want to know me. I just wanted to talk. I'm 13 and i cut myself. I steal my dads razors and pop out the 5 blades, and then i cut my thigh until they are all blunt and of no use. I have problems in my life, but thats no excuse. There are plenty of people worse off than me that don't cut but i can't help myself. When i started it was a relief to know i was still kinda human inside, i still had something in common with everyone else. I couldn't have been anything that my dad, siblings or the people at school called me because here i was, bleeding just like they would too. That was a few months ago and every day i… [more]