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Books James Herbert and Tolkien (Take me away for a while)
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I Hate My Past

Sometimes Its Not Worth It Lying in the dark looking at nothing closing your eyes and seeing the demons coming ever closer teasing and flitting around you. 'Remember' they say mockingly - 'never forget'. Turning over trying... [more]
  • I Drown Out Painful Thoughts With Loud Music

    Speaker To Each Side Like My Guardians Drums and guitars echo inside me, just like sandblasting an ancient building my mind is cleansed and carried away pushing my memories to the back of my mind and drowning them out - maybe sleep will co… [more]
  • I Love Cycling

    Escape I love the feeling of being able to escape from the humdrum of life for a while.  Each pedal stroke bringing you further, uphill away from noise and into the sweet solitude of the mountains.  Breath… [more]
  • I Love Tool

    Cant Wait For The New Album Love the music the artwork and the videos… [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    Me And My Puppies Me and my puppies go everywhere always looking to me for play, treats love... always jumping and running expecting a giant doggy revelation. Lie beside me or just run like crazy big expectent eyes wa… [more]