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I am... always hopeful... but ultimately - vastly insignificant.

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I Write Dark Poetry

Awakened Not Wake up little one Eyes aren't meant for looking Aimlessly wandering routine Karma a lie, truth in destiny Love is without sanity If it's meant to be None can deter... [more]
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  • I Feel Insignificant

    Do I Exist? my wife has had 2 miscarriages, had an ectopic pregnancy, carried twins full term but lost them (doctor negligence), then had another ectopic pregnancy. Now that there are no tubes, we saved and attem… [more]
  • I Write Dark Poetry

    Without Purpose Strangered in a stranded place Ignorance is their bliss Going to and fro without moving Helplessly clutching their sleep… [more]
  • I Write Dark Poetry

    Echo Cycle An echo of touched lives Many secrets kept safe Invited via your window pain Everlasting and familiar Very well then, open for me Invincible, I Let me in Inev… [more]