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I'm a wishful thinker. I always give second chances, maybe third and fourth as well. Say things with sugar, sunshine and rainbows. At least that's what I've been told.

I like to have hope in things that are ridiculous & not so ridiculous at all.

I laugh/smile way too much, and I find a lot of random things funnier than most. I'm such a little kid at heart, I love it. Peter Pan complex? Yes, but it's one of my most appealing qualities...I think. I'm a huge dork. Loud and sometimes obnoxious (my bad). I joke a lot. Sometimes...they're offensive. I don't mean for them to be. & now I feel vain for having written a bio about myself. So maybe I'm a little vain too.

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I Am Lonely

I Am An Individual. I wouldn't say particularly unique, because what is unique in a world filled with people. I feel like I hurt all the time. Like I don't have anyone around me. Which isn't true. I have my best friend... [more]
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