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I Live In Albuquerque, Nm

I Live In Carlsbad hey anyone live in Riudoso or Carlsbad? and wanna hang out? message me [more]
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  • I Am A Teen Transgender

    8th Grader Transgender I am a teen FTM Transgender since the age of 7. I know that I would like to have surgey in the near future to go from female to male. Being a teen and transgender is NOT fun. It sucks! Being a teen an… [more]
  • I Am a Teenage Lesbian

    My Leasbian/trans Life. Why hello there my lovely readers ^^ Apparently, I, the gayest, Freakiest, Darkest, person to the public eye, am a Lesbian! Who would of though! XD To the town Witch I live in by force Most people thi… [more]
  • I Want to Connect With Other Transgender People

    I Don't Know Any Other Transgenders. :( Greeting! :B I am a teen FTM transgender and The town I live in, well, so far. I don't know anyone Transgender. So I scan Google for any information that can help me with binding and what not, yeah it… [more]
  • I Am More Observant Than I Let On

    Little Sneaky ;p It's funny how people think I'm staring into space. not really looking at anything, just a piece a plastic...SITTING! Buuut what I'm really doing it looking through my sunglasses to findout how all my… [more]