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well it has been a vicious cycle, i fall, i stalk, i try, i fail, i cry and feel self pity.. i am just tired of going through all these heartaches!.. why can't i have a happy ending? why do i always end up alone and lonely? is it because, i am making myself a soft target for this anguish? is it because i am too emo that i take things too seriously when i shouldn't have to? is it because i am too desperate that i try to make things work even if it is not worth it.. my friends say, there is no such thing as destiny and that you can make you own destiny if you want to, but i've always been the dreamer-type, always hopin and wishin and tryin then sulking and brooding and regretting over things.. (silly things that is). what bad fate i have.. can't i have a blissful ending this time? **sigh... i guess i just have to be stone-hearted so i won't be vulnerable to all these pain.. arrggggh

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I Feel Trapped

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