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I'm sorry I was off for a while I'm back now plz message me if u need to talk or u just want to talk to me

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I Look For This Stuff In A Guy

Bin funny, not fake, is playful, actually tries to talk to me and doesn't leave me trying to come up with a convo, kind, has his own opinion, likes me for me, jokes around, not a jackas$, NOT A... [more]
  • I Am 14

    i had my bday on april -5 it was fun i hung out with my best friend … [more]
  • I Am Done With Gossipin

    I don't c the point I want a meaningful conversation… [more]
  • I Have Trust Issues Now

    Ever since something happened to me I have trust issue and that y I lie a lot I can't help it its like I think that if I tell the truth I'll b hated or sumthan its just hard to trust now cuz I also do… [more]
  • I Am Going To Wait

    OK everyone wants to b in a relationship right now but I don't cuz we r just gonna mature and prob not even b the same person, and other thin is ik that its not gonna b real love it us just wanting se… [more]