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I grew up in a place where people are lovely and not sensitive, so if you find something I say offensive, please understand what culture i'm coming from and that what i said was meant only in jest or in sincere benevolence

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I Am Bipolar

Do You Have My Hallucinations? *edit* Do You Have My Writing Problem? dangit.. big blank screen. I can't do this. [more]
  • I Am Bipolar

    Living With Bipolar Is Making Me Stronger. Bipolar disorder sucks sometimes, but I realized that life kinda sucks for everyone sometimes. Being bipolar has prepared me for those times in life that just yank the heart soul and energy out … [more]
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    I'll only hurt you.
    Everyone I come into contact with, I hurt.The closer you get to me, the more I'll hurt you.Don't you think that i don't love you, i do. I love you very much,It's just that i've hurt so many people. I don't want to hurt people anymore.I'm sorry for all that i've done. I truly am.but that doesn't make a difference now does it?Just stay away from me ok?… [more]
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    it's festering
    I have a wound in the shape of your anger.I've tried giving it time to heal, but you keep cutting it open.Now it's scarred.It's festering,rotting my flesh.I've been able to keep it from spreading and turning into bitterness,But you're not helping me at all if you keep stabbing me;That's not how you heal a wound.You take all the trash out of it and you fix it.You care for it and support it while it heals.Why don't you understand that?I just want you to be happy.… [more]
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    After a year
    After a year, hearing them whisper in my ear, seeing that eyeless doll floating next to my bed, and seeing my reflection filled with hatred toward me still freaks me the heck out.… [more]
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    Maybe why I didn't have many friends in high school.
    It seemed like everyone had their own agenda. Everything they did was for some personal gain, whether it was to get popular, to hold their reputation, or to succeed in school. I on the other hand thought friendship was different then extracting what you want from people. I thought it was about helping each other, caring for each other, getting to know each other, and just having a good time. I've only met a few people that felt the same way in my life, and during high school, I only found 2 people that thought a few of those things.Sadly they've both changed and have pursued other things like being active in the drug community and being anorexic to prove to the world that a redhead can be pr… [more]