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I Am An Agnostic Atheist

Two Types, And What Can God Understand? There are two different types of agnostics, which i dont like because it opens up chances for fighting between people of the same type of religion, but anyway. There are Agnostic Atheists, as... [more]
  • I Need to Know If I'm Going Crazy

    Since I Was Im 17 I used to be a "normal" kid, but when i turned 13 i felt myself change, not just puberty, but also my thinking, i realized that life itself is pointless, just a continued existence on a small planet i… [more]
  • I Feel Like Im Going Crazy

    Anger And Apathy These are the only emotions i feel anymore. I only either get angry about everything or just dont care. I mainly get angry at people, there is this guy i used to be friends with until he stole from me… [more]
  • I Sleep to Forget I'm Alive

    To Escape I sleep constantly, yet im always tired, because i want to go to sleep again to forget about reality. Dreams are an escape and even when i dont dream, its just painless darkness that i dont even know … [more]
  • I Wonder What My Purpose Here Is

    We Can Never Know No matter how hard we try, we cannot know what our purpose is. I have to discount most religions as a purpose because, if there is a all knowing, omnipotent god, what need would he have to create us? … [more]