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    Elysian Fragment
    Elysian Fragment It's your moonlit walk through the fire and the trees, Where Ghost-like Whispers carry your heart, Yet these... Are not meant to be here, So is there honestly no Symphony to make your heart just sing? They're not supposed to be here, Faith is missing when I recall... The Gates of the soul from which these Liquid Crystals fall. I feel you looking, But are you finding, lying in broken arms? Ghost-like Whispers carry your heart's misery-- It's no mystery, When you're lying in my broken arms... It's your wistful eyes, piercing through to me, Where a Ghost-like Whisper transcends my very core so honestly... Are these... Truly supposed to be here, Or i… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My Heart's Fragmentation
    My Heart's Fragmentation People ask me to tell them about myself, to tell them about who I am, and I cannot help but think of you. You once said to me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I am your best friend, your worst enemy. As quickly as you lay eyes on me, I fade away. Though a temporary encounter, the impact is everlasting. I am the best book you've ever read, or one you burn on the first page of the prologue. I am a guide, only here to show you the way. To trust in me, is to trust in yourself. To listen to me, is to listen to yourself. To show me your chains, is to shatter your constraints. Teach me your weaknesses, and … [more]
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    A message for the Lost Causes...
    As the days go by, and your tears never dry, you find yourself alive, holding onto that last bit of hope that maybe things will change... but deep down, you know you're just waiting for enough motivation to give up on everything... to go numb, or even end it all. Life's not pretty, nor is it ever fair-- this we ALL know, and can attest to... yet one thing we often overlook is our role in our own happiness. Two of the most POWERFUL words in controlling your life are "Choice" and "Perception". Perception is your view on things, how you look at life. If you perceive your life to be miserable, hopeless, and not worth living, then that is how you will really feel about your life. So how do we ch… [more]