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A resourceful, determined, reliable, selfless person who knows enough which battles to pass and live for another day. I am accountable for who I am - this provides me the confidence to stand on my own.<br /><br />
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i appreciate nature, weather, i do adventures but nothing fancy. my best spent hobbies, including being a father to my 2 girls, and actively into the outdoors. i find serenity in witnessing the sunrise as well as the moments allowed to bask under the silver moon. i practice accountability, responsibility, and respectful integrity as well as in faith. So who am I? Lets see, i take initiatives and I really dont like sitting on predicaments. I enjoy communication and really love adding humor to the so-called life planning activities. BTW, I do not believe in egotism, my life is a witness to so many miracles that I truly appreciate what is do-able or work-around. I can be persistent to acknowledge information awareness. Ever heard of a 100% quality and quantity time relationship?, just don\' t get too pampered with the idea, but this is what I do. I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old. My two loving girls who at thier age already know what they want, when they want! I keep a professional 22 year career which allows me to do virtual work 100% and to do what ever it takes to keep this family motor running.

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