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i am 5"7 i have naturally curly brown hair. I am...what i am, i dont fit into a catagory. I dont think i ever will. Music is my LIFE, and art is my passion. i can be serious or humorous, depending on my mood. I am shy at times, but i can also be extremely outgoing. Right now im just trying to get myself through this thing we call life... its a bit crazy right now!!
humor is the only thing keeping me alive at this point.
people say im a very calm person, its true... im pretty chill, with a unique sense of humor, i can be a bit confusing... but arent we all? I love with an open heart, and i think with an open mind. give me a chance and we might just make great friends, im pretty cool... well... i can be, just dont catch me in a bad mood

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Favorite Quote you can never discover new oceans unless you have the courgage to lose sight of the shore
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