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I Have a Confession

I have a friend that loves girls. He talks to girls all the time, including me. He tells me how hot and pretty all these girls are to him, but how they are all so young. I'm sixteen; they're sixteen... [more]
  • I Hallucinate

    Some Weird Experiences one of my talking barbie dolls kept laughing and giggling. but when I got up to check what was going on, it stopped. everyone was in bed, and the doll was lost.   my brothe… [more]
  • I Love This Joke

    Man & Three Daughters There is a man with three daughters. One day, the oldest daughter asks him, "Daddy, why is my name Rose?" He told her, "Because when you were born a rose petal fell on your head." The second oldest da… [more]
  • I Am a Girl In Love With a Girl

    La La La I met this girl three years ago when I was 13; she was 14. We didn't get along all too well, always bickering and fighting. We weren't good friends until a few years ago. One night we were joking abou… [more]
  • I Have No Family Support

    No Support, You Say? First off, my two brothers (older and younger than me) have the same father, where as I have a different father. I was born out of wedlock, as the different child. I've been told that my mother walked… [more]