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Favorite Quote Flying is simple. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss
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I Will Never Give Up On My Dreams No Matter What

No Matter What No matter how many times they beat me and hit me,no matter how many times they knock me down,I will always go back up again.I will rise and rise until they regret all they did to me.I will be what I... [more]
  • I Am So Un-normally Weird Or Weirdly Not Normal

    'that Awkward Moment' Weird Stories! Some 'that awkward moment' things(you know loads already I bet) and other similar stories(I'm so weird I know lots) That awkward moment when you look at someone and they're already looking… [more]
  • I Pretend I'm Okay

    All Alone And So Not Ok I Fake A Smile I get bullied and teased at school all the time.I fake a smile everyday.I tried telling one of my friends but she didn't listen.She didn't care.She just said 'well,no one beats you up so you're ok'.Bu… [more]
  • I Am Too Emotional

    It Doesnt Show I kind of lost the ability to show feelings...I only cry when I'm alone...With other people it's always the same fake smile and 'I'm ok'. When I used to be able to show my emotions it made me more vul… [more]
  • I Love Winter and Snow

    Time Of Miracles Snow is so beautiful...white and shiny,crunching underneath my feet. When it snows everything seems to stop outside...everything is silent and sometimes has a touch of danger to it... It makes the ins… [more]