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I'm the unexpected female that everyone thinks they know but nobody actually knows. If you're interested, feel free to read through my profile, stories, confessions and questions and flick through my pictures. All pictures are real. All stories are real. I'm real.

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    I have never felt so insecure
    Throughout all of my life I have always had long hair, and when I say long I mean thick down to my waist long. I'm not an over ally confident person on the inside and have always been very insecure about my body and the way that I look. Today I was at a college where I study hairdressing. I needed my trimming and a female tutor of mine offered to do it as a demonstration to the class. I told her I wanted one inch off of my hair. ONE INCH. she told me that my hair had breakage and need a little more so she said she was going to take off one and a half off of the underneath just to even it up with the top. When she had finished my friend said to me that I was going to be shocked, pulled my hai… [more]