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I Hate My Friends

Ungrateful? Oh, these past few days have been so much, I just might explode! I'm tired of dealing with my friends' moodiness! I come to them for assistance with my own issues and get shot down, and instead of... [more]
  • I Suffer From Maladaptive Daydreaming

    I Might. I've never actually heard of this, but looking it up now a lot of the symptoms mentioned in the COMPLETELY RELIABLE Wikipedia article ring true, especially the whole "people with this disorder often e… [more]
  • I Treat Others As I Would Like to Be Treated

    Putting It Bluntly... Well, I guess I'm a bit of an introvert. So I try to warp this "Golden Rule" to suit my own rationales by ignoring people and then justifying it by claiming it's how I'd like to be treated. In most ca… [more]
  • I Suffer Depression and Panic Attacks

    Mini Attacks~ I know I have depression, but the panic attacks are more of a guessed diagnosis. Every time I think of something stressful, I have involuntary gasps and start hyperventilating a bit and it sort of suc… [more]
  • I Hate People Who Are "always Right"

    My Math Teacher. I had a math teacher in eighth grade who just couldn't be wrong, ever. She'd act totally fine and sweet until you brought something up that went against her opinions, and she'd turn on a dime and get … [more]