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I'm a nut. But I am successfully using telepathy for good causes. I am trying to develop other abilities like the ability to prophecy, the ability of precognition, and my favorite, Telekinesis or Psychokinesis.

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Vices occasional drinks and smokes. Ganja's the best. But I don't do that stuff but once in a great while anymore.
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I Don't Really Believe In Conspiracy Theories

Secret Military Technology The fabled "Death Star" of the movie series star wars, well it's sorta real.....see it here... This is a video taken by fishermen that coincidentally and... [more]
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    I Am A Telepath. Ask Me Anything. I know a vast majority of those of you who read this will dismiss me as crazy, schitzofrenic, or just nuts.  But nearly a year ago I discovered an exceedingly rare and powerful gift.  I… [more]
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    Telepathic Ex I found how easy telepathy is in 2009.  Sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes I hated it.  I have a hard time facing people in person without having them recognize my thoughts.  I just literally can't… [more]
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    To Be Misdiagnosed With Schitzofrenia A year ago I discovered powerful telepathic and telekinetic capabilities.  I am starting to understand empathetic capabilities and am attempting to practice them as telepathy took me no prac… [more]
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    I Found My Gift Beginning May of 2009 I began to realize, people understand my thoughts and emotions.  Downright hear the narrative voice in  my head, hear the tune of the last song on the radio that's s… [more]